November 16, 2017 – Day of refusal of Smoking

To give up Smoking once and for all.

16 листопада 2017 - День відмови від куріння

Every year on the third Thursday of November, a number of Western countries celebrates the Day of quitting Smoking (No Smoking Day), reports Rus.Media. It was established by the American oncological society (American Cancer Society) in 1977.

According to the world health organization:

— in the world 90% of deaths from lung cancer, 75% from chronic bronchitis and 25% — from coronary heart disease caused by Smoking;

— every ten seconds on the planet dies a heavy smoker (in 2020 this rate could increase to one person per three seconds);

— heavy smokers can now be called 50-60% of men (among some categories of citizens, this figure reaches 95%).

The purpose of the International day of refusal of Smoking is to reduce the prevalence of tobacco dependence, involvement in the fight against Smoking all segments of the population and physicians of all specialties, prevention of Smoking and informing the public about the harmful effects of tobacco on health.

Smoking is considered a bad habit 47% of those surveyed residents, dependence — 38%, an incurable disease — 9%, were unable to determine their attitude to Smoking — 6% of respondents.

On the question of the consequences of tobacco use 22% of respondents could not give an answer. A result of tobacco use, consider: lung cancer — 35% of the population surveyed, bronchitis and other lung diseases — 25% of respondents, 12% indicated a cardiovascular disease, 6% for tuberculosis.

According to 12% of respondents to quit Smoking easy, 56% believe that it is difficult, 4% believe that — it is impossible, 28% did not think about it. While 21% of those surveyed residents tried to quit, but mostly unsuccessfully. The existence of the assistance centers in quitting Smoking, you know, 30% of respondents do not know 70%.

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It should be noted that with a good awareness of the dangers of Smoking to health, few citizens are trying to get rid of nicotine addiction. Either people are not aware of the gravity of the consequences of tobacco use for their health, or believes that his illness will not affect, or habit of Smoking is so strong that there is no way to abandon it.

Therefore, in the framework of the Day of refusal of Smoking in many countries, activists and representatives of healthcare institutions conduct various educational, charitable and other activities designed to educate the public about the dangers of nicotine and methods of weaning from Smoking.

Recall that every year 31 may is world no tobacco day (World No Tobacco Day).

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