Not an accident. Why two Arab bandits exploded

 Not an accident. Why two Arab bandits exploded

The Israeli press has published new details of the explosion of a car with Arab gangsters in the Dakhmash quarter between Lod and Ramla on the night of February 12.

As a result of the explosion, Zechariah Maraana from Fudeiris and Hussein Duikat from Jaffa were killed. Supposed. that they had bought a homemade bomb from an arms dealer in the north of the country.

Police initially assumed it was an “accident” as a result of careless handling of explosives. Now, however, suspicions are mounting that the bomb was set off on purpose.

Five people have been killed in recent weeks for buying bombs and guns from the same northern arms dealer. The police are conducting an intensive search for this man. The police have information that they are “deliberately malfunctioning explosive devices.”

One of the investigators says: “It was not an accident. Explosive devices do not explode on their own. This was completely intentional. There was no chance for them to survive. If we arrest him, he will be charged with premeditated murder.

Duikat is the third member of an Arab family from Jaffa to be killed in recent years. Sarag Doikat was ambushed and killed in Jaffa in 2020. His brother Rashid was gunned down while riding a motorcycle in south Tel Aviv in 2019.

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