Not a day without disasters: a wheel exploded on a plane flying to Russia

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 Not a day without disaster: a wheel exploded on a plane flying to Russia

According to Russian media, the plane took off from Phuket Airport. The moment of the wheel explosion was caught on video from the passengers, who at that moment were filming the takeoff.
It is known that the ZF-3604 Azur Air aircraft was flying to Moscow. On takeoff, passengers noticed the malfunction and the plane managed to stop. In the footage published on the network, smoke poured from under the wing, which greatly frightened the passengers.

“The plane, as usual, began to accelerate, and after a while we felt a push and an extraneous sound. We began to slow down urgently. We realized that something happened with the technical part. First, they sat on the plane. Then the commander announced that it was impossible to tow him to the parking lot. When they got out, everyone saw a punctured wheel”, – said one of the passengers.

No one was injured in the accident. The defective aircraft was towed away for repairs, and passengers were temporarily placed in a hotel while waiting for the next flight.

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