Nostradamus Predictions for 2023: Great War and Financial Collapse

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 Nostradamus Predictions for 2023: Great War and Financial Collapse< /p>

Famous French astrologer Michel de Nostrdam, simply known as Nostradamus, wrote a book of chilling predictions called The Prophecies, which he published over 450 years ago. Over four and a half centuries many of his predictions came true.

The contents of the book contained dire predictions about World War II, the rise to power of Adolf Hitler and the French Revolution, all of which were eerily accurate. center.

Although his predictions are never fixed on a specific date, here are some of them that could come true in 2023:

An economic crisis that could lead to cannibalism
Nostradamus predicted that humanity could face the threat of cannibalism due to the collapse of the economy, writing: “There are no abbots, no monks, no novices to teach. Honey will cost much more than candle wax, and the price of wheat will be high. rebel and eat your friend in despair".
These words seem to predict that the cost of living will only rise in 2023, and lead many to hope that the reference to cannibalism is merely a metaphor.

The Great War of 2023
One line in the mystic's book stands out in particular: “Seven months of the great war, people perish from evil, but their light will not fall into the hands of the king”.< br /> This prediction may refer to the current conflict between Russia and Ukraine, which risks escalating into World War III if it escalates further. However, there is controversy over the analysis of this line, as the war has passed seven months and is approaching the one year mark.< br />
Changes in the British Isles
The most recent worldwide event people claim to be linked to his book was the death of Queen Elizabeth II in September 2022. After her death, the book broke sales records, and this seems to be due to the following prediction:
“Because they did not approve of his divorce, a man they later considered unworthy, the people will supplant the king of the islands, and he will be replaced by the man who never expected to be king".
Some believe that this passage refers to King Charles III and his famous divorce from Diana, Princess of Wales. They believe that based on this, the king will abdicate the throne in the coming year.
Moreover, they believe that the prophecy says that he will be replaced by Prince Harry, not the heir to the throne, William, Prince of Wales, due to a reference to a man “who never expected to be king”.

Disaster beyond planets for Elon Musk
In his book, the astrologer predicted that mankind's quest to colonize Mars, led by Elon Musk's SpaceX, could end in 2023.
The prophet wrote: “Heavenly fire when the lights of Mars go out”, and as Musk repeatedly promises a Mars flight plan, something terrible could happen to the first humans to eventually reach the red planet.

Drought and floods< br />According to Nostradamus, in 2023 the Earth may suffer another climate catastrophe. he wrote. As climate change continues to worsen, this forecast for the coming year does not seem far-fetched.

Riots and violence in the streets
The Prophet wrote in his book: "Sooner or later you will see great changes— horrors and massacres.”.
This forecast implies that there will be more social upheaval and civil uprisings in the coming months. "an agreement that was broken", which once again alludes to an uprising or revolution somewhere on Earth in 2023.
Speculation is that the prophecy refers to the unrest in Iran, which is not expected to stop anytime soon and may even intensify.

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