Nonna Gaprindashvili is suing Netflix: called “Russian”

Nonna Gaprindashvili is suing Netflix: named & ldquo; Russian> </rd>quo;” p> </p>
<p> Georgian grandmaster Nonna Gaprindashvili, as it turned out, entered into a battle with the Netflix film company. </p>
<p> Gaprindashvili filed a lawsuit in the district court in California in the amount of 5 million dollars. </p>
<p> & ldquo; The story, which was supposed to inspire millions of women, actually humiliated the woman, '' says the chess player. </p>
<p> Gaprindashvili has a lot of complaints about the company. Like, for example, the fact that the whole film calls her “ Russian ''. And in one of the episodes, despite the fact that it was Nonna's story that formed the basis of the tape, it sounded that “ Gaprindashvili never played with male grandmasters. '' It is known that “ during her career, a respected and titled grandmaster has played with 59 men, in addition, she has won numerous international tournaments, and she also became the first woman in history to receive the title of international grandmaster among men, '' the lawsuit says . </p>
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