Noah Lazar's killer to be caught dead or alive – police

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 Noah Lazar's killer to be caught dead or alive - police

The head of the police press service, Colonel Eli Levy, in a conversation with the Ynet portal, said that the search for the terrorist who killed Sergeant Noah Lazar continues.

He noted

“Based on the testimonies of the detainees, the investigation is trying to identify the infrastructure that prepared the attack, to identify specific accomplices to the terrorist and those who knows where he is hiding. It takes us longer than other cases where we managed to get to the terrorists in a few days, but in the end we always managed to find them,” Levy said.

In addition, he noted that the geographical location The location of the incident makes it much more difficult to find the killer.

“Shuafat is the gateway to Samaria and Judea. From this area, you can hide in different directions, and this was also taken into account at the first stage of the search work immediately after the terrorist attack. Naturally, we are searching everywhere, not only in Shuafat, but also in many other places,” the head of the press service of the police emphasized.

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