Noah Kirel will perform the song “Unicorn” at Eurovision 2023

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 Noah Kirel will perform the song “Unicorn” at Eurovision 2023” /></p>
<p>After a long wait, Noah Kirel's new song “Unicorn” was released on Wednesday night. . Kirel, who will represent Israel at Eurovision 2023 in Liverpool, England, will perform a new song at the competition. Nadava Geja and “Peker libi” Eden Elena. Musician May Sepadia and songwriter Doron Medley, who wrote the single “Toy” with which Netta Barzilai won the Eurovision Song Contest. in 2018, also participated in the creation of Kirel's newest song.</p>
<p> “Unicorn” was presented at the grand opening at the Dan Eilat Hotel.</p>
<p>“There are so many meanings in this song”,– Kirel says. ”After the pandemic, life picks up speed and everything happens at a fast pace, and you have to know how to deal with change at a very fast pace. We chose a very strong character from European mythology”.</p>
<p> “There is something very innocent and pure about a unicorn that only exists in fairy tales or fantasy”, – the singer thinks.</p>
<p> In October, the organizer of the contest, the European Broadcasting Union, announced that in “Eurovision” only 37 countries will take part this year – the lowest number of contestants since 2014, which increases Kirel's chances of reaching the final. The representative of Israel will appear in the first semi-final of the Eurovision Song Contest; on Tuesday, May 9, along with 14 other entrants.</p>
<p> Frank Dieter Freiling, Chairman of the Competition's Executive Committee, sent a letter to Prime Minister Netanyahu last month hinting that if Noah Kirel won the this year, Israel's right to host Eurovision next year may be at risk due to new government actions. </p>
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