No Women Entry Signs Installed on Tel Aviv Streets

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 Signs “No entry for women” installed on the streets of Tel Aviv

On Monday morning, February 27, signs were placed on the busy streets of Tel Aviv with the inscriptions: “No entry for women”; and “Women Out There”, which caused a strong reaction from the locals.

A video of the incident was posted on the popular Facebook group “Secret Tel Aviv”. It remains unclear who was behind this.
A video that has gone viral has angered Israeli netizens. This is the reality that awaits us if we don't wake up. Everything will start with money and loss of rights,” one commenter noted.

“They are completely crazy… and talk about democracy”, — another commenter stated sarcastically.

Others claimed that it was actually a protest demonstration by left-wing activists. “The leftists masqueraded as Tel Aviv municipality guards and directed the people's movement as if there was a “dark gender divide.” ;. They address tourists in English and scare them”, — said another person who recorded the incident.

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