No pizza will… for take-out

Pas de pizza à volonté... pour emporter

A 41 years old woman is upset at a restaurant Salvatore in Chicoutimi, because she could not have the right to of the pizza will… for take-out. She hit a customer with his bag because it had dared to make a comment.

The Chicoutimienne will have to keep quiet for a period of 12 months and make a donation of $ 200 after pleading guilty to a charge of assault.

The fast food chain is offering a promotion of pizza at will to its customers. If everyone can believe that the offer is available for those who want to eat in the restaurant, the accused and her boyfriend have not understood the same thing.

According to information revealed in court before judge Paul Guimond, of the Court of Québec, the couple is presented at the counter and wanted to take advantage of the promotion. But the two clients wanted to go with the pizzas were behind the counter.

The employee mentioned that the promotion was only available for those who ate in the restaurant, with a surplus for the pizza at will compared to a regular command. He explained that the promotion did not allow him to give the pizzas to the customer to take away.

Pas de pizza à volonté... pour emporter

Luc Tourangeau


The two customers, whose interests were represented by mr. Luc Tourangeau, have undertaken a discussion as to whether they were to eat inside or if they were simply to leave. The tone is mounted.

Seeing that things are envenimaient, the client, who was sitting nearby, has launched a comment to the employee. “A chance that you haven’t says more,” said the client.

This comment did not seem to please the accused. It turned around and gave a blow bag to the client. The couple quickly took the powder cleared off.

The victim, shocked, stood up and tried to take note of the number of the license plate, but the boyfriend of the accused intervened, right before leaving, giving a quick shoulder to the lady.

This has not prevented the police to trace the duo of eating pizza and accuse the criminal.

The 41 year old woman received a suspended sentence of 12 months, while the boyfriend will have to perform 80 hours of community work. It must be said that he took advantage of the opportunity to settle various criminal records.

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