No more fatigue: Hoka's new Bondi 8 sneaker

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 No more fatigue: new Bondi 8 sneakers from Hoka

WeShoes introduces the Hoka Bondi 8, a new model of the American brand of advanced running shoes for long standing, running and walking. However, these sneakers are versatile and suitable for any activity.

The Bondi 8 is a vegan, recycled shoe for men and women, available in wide (2E) and extra wide (4E) sizes. However, it is elegant and you can see the different colors of these sneakers on fashionistas who combine them with dresses, skirts and trousers, of course.

For running shoes, here are the official characteristics of the Bondi 8: stability – exceptional, traction is very high, damping (absorbing the impact of the foot on the ground) is exceptional and the highest among Hoka shoes for running on asphalt, responsiveness is very high. Additional characteristics include softness, excellent braking, smooth movement and high, literally “pushing” energy return.

 No more fatigue: Hoka's new Bondi 8

In Hoka sneakers, the concentration of scientific research and know-how rolls over. Many runners, Olympic champions and celebrities such as Bill Clinton, Leonardo DiCaprio, Britney Spears, Steven Spielberg and others have appreciated these shoes. Annecy, at that time the athletes worked for Adidas and Salomon.

 No more fatigue: Hoka's new Bondi 8

To create an ultra-light outsole material, Nick and Jean-Luc turned to professional chemists. It took a combination of 10 different chemicals and several sintering methods to create such a light and soft foam.

Hoka is against the use of unnecessary elements, so all the attention of the developers is focused on the refinement and improvement of the Eva foam. Airy lightness, softness and elasticity – her main qualities. This approach eliminates unnecessary stabilizing elements and makes the shoe ultra-lightweight.

The new EVA foam formula used in the outsole provides excellent cushioning and powerful bounce, which improves stability and landing feel, softens impact and reduces load on the legs. Foam wraps around the foot for stability.

 No more fatigue : Hoka's new Bondi 8

All Hoka sneakers have a special sole geometry – roll from heel to toe for better repulsion. The shoe has a soft heel to reduce impact and a bouncy forefoot for effective repulsion. The inside of the Bondi 8 has a memory polymer around the heel that adheres perfectly to the heel.

The stabilization insert is made from lightweight but stiffer foam. Like a frame, it covers the entire inside of the foot and surrounds the heel without adding weight to the shoe.

Hoka's outsole is also special – It is a mixture of foam and rubber. It's durable, lightweight, and cushioned.

 No more fatigue : Hoka's new Bondi 8

The recycled upper is breathable and breathable.

Thanks to this combination, Hoka you can run slowly and quickly, from the heel and from the toe. Sneakers will help not to get tired those who have to stand on their feet for a long time. Walking in sneakers is also ideal.

WeShoes represents more than two dozen famous international brands of shoes, accessories and bags, and has more than 60 branches across the country. Purchases can also be made in the online store. Now is the time to do it, as there are numerous discounts on the site.

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