No longer brunette Nastya Kamenskih changed her image

Больше не брюнетка: Настя Каменских резко сменила имидж

No longer brunette Nastya Kamenskih changed her image [photo]
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Photo: Instagram singer.

The singer dyed her hair fiery red color.

Ukrainian singer Nastya Kamensky (NK) – lady hardcore. The new clip of her husband in a fringe dress, she half-naked for the gloss will be removed. This time the singer has decided to attract the attention of its subscribers in a new way and dyed her hair bright red.

Updated Kamensky appeared in a new edition of the show X-Factor. And to emphasise your hair colour, the singer was dressed in a red leather dress with puffed sleeves and plunging neckline.

Fans of the singer can’t believe she was repainted and I think that it’s a hairpiece or washed the shampoo. But note that the new color is their favorite. “Very cool”, “Super, it suits you” “As always the best”, “Very beautiful image,” they said.

Earlier Kamensky was awarded “the immediate success of the year” transfer “Sravi way” on TV channel “Ukraine”. The party “Night of the chimeras,” the singer came in a black dress from the brand ANNCHO.

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Publication from NK | Nastia Kamenskykh (@kamenskux)


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