No coffee: a simple recipe of vivacity for the whole day

Не кава: простий рецепт бадьорості на цілий день

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A quick walk up the stairs tones the best of any caffeine, scientists say. How does it work?

To such conclusion experts came after conducted an experiment with students who sleep on average less than 6.5 hours a day and complain of chronic sleep deprivation.

One experiment participants were given pills with caffeine and placebo, and also drink their soda, while others asked for 10 minutes with a low speed to climb stairs, walking in General, up to 30 floors.

“We found that when caffeine and while taking placebo, significant changes in the body does not happen, said Professor of the University of Georgia Patrick o’connor. As for physical exercise, which are climbing the stairs, they significantly increase energy and provide much more strength. The sense of tidal forces were much stronger for the intake of 50 milligrams of caffeine.”

Не кава: простий рецепт бадьорості на цілий день

Interestingly, walking the stairs has also increased the motivation to work and provided the energy that can also be considered a big plus.

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