NIS 50,000 grant: Egged encourages new drivers

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 NIS 50,000 grant: Egged encourages new drivers< /p>

Egged will provide a NIS 50,000 grant to be distributed every 6 months for 3 years. In addition, a monthly grant will be given to students at Egged Holon College and new company drivers from day one. To expand the staff of the company “Egged” will provide new drivers with various benefits and improved conditions. One of these bonuses will be a NIS 80,000 payment that will be given to employees from their first day of training at the company's college in Holon. years. Upon completion of training, new drivers will have to work in Egged for at least a year.
College education in Holon is 100% subsidized, that is, for all those accepted to study, 3-month courses will be free. The scholarship during the course will amount to 6500 shekels.
In addition, the student will be able to start working immediately after completing the course, and the salary will be accrued from the first working day. Every 6 months for 3 years they will receive a grant of 50,000 shekels. Keren-ishtalmut accruals will also be available from day one.
K. Ben Hamo, Marketing Director of Egged Colleges: “In addition to the fact that Egged currently offers a range of benefits unmatched in the public transport industry, driving lessons funding and a grant allow us to offer new drivers support throughout the educational journey. This is a rare opportunity for professional retraining and easy entry into the new professional Egged family. The total amount of benefits is over NIS 80,000.” Read more:

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