Nine months after ax attack: Wounded in terrorist attack dies

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 Nine months after the ax attack: a wounded man in a terrorist attack dies

Nine months after the ax attack in Elada, early in the morning of February 2, 75-year-old Shimon Meatuf, a resident of Barkat, who was a guard in the park where the terrorists came the day before, died Independence Day.

Meatuf was mortally wounded and never recovered from his wound. In recent months, he was in a rehabilitation center and his condition worsened several times. This morning, as already mentioned, he died from his wounds. This brings the death toll from the attack to four: Shimon Maatuf, Boaz Gol, Oren Ben Yiftah and Yonatan Habakuk.

The two terrorists fled to the forest in the Elad region, where they hid for several days were arrested by the special forces. About four months after the attack, the IDF destroyed their houses in the village of Romana, near Jenin, in the Menashe region.

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