Nina Urgant had surgery on the eyes

Нине Ургант сделали операцию на глазах

Nina Urgant had surgery on the eyes
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Photo: a frame from the video.

Hospitalization of the actress was scheduled.

Soviet and Russian actress Nina Urgant did elective surgery on the eyes. When the artist returns “in the system” is still unknown. About this was informed in the press service of the Alexandrinsky theatre.

– Nothing terrible happens. It was just a routine operation on his eyes. As soon as Nina will be back, alas, can not say, but usually rehabilitation after such operations is quite short, – noted in press service.

In connection with the operation Nina Urgant had to take sick leave, as 90-year-old actress no longer goes to the stage of the theater (the last performance with her was held at the theatre for more than 20 years ago).

Previously, the grandson of the artist – actor and showman Ivan Urgant showed his youngest daughter. It turned out that the girl – a copy of his famous great-grandmother.

Nina Urgant was born on 4 September 1929. His first major film role played in the 1962 melodrama Talankin’s “Introduction”. After played Lucy in the movie “I come from childhood” (1966) directed tours, Anna Mikhailovna in his film “Sons leave in fight”). The most famous of Nina Urgant was the role of the nurse Rai from the movie “Belorussian station” (1970) directed by Smirnov.

The last time Nina It starred in a movie in 2008, she played Ascencio in the picture “Asian”.


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