Nikita Dobrynin told how she and Dasha Kvitkove have saved the relationship

Никита Добрынин рассказал, как они с Дашей Квитковой уберегли отношения

Nikita Dobrynin told how she and Dasha Kvitkove have saved the relationship
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The participants of the project “the Bachelor 9” admitted the power of their love.

The protagonist of “the Bachelor 9” Nikita Dobrynin told how he kept the love with the winner of the Dasha Kvitkove. In January, Nikita Dasha made an offer and became one of the main characters of gossip. In another interview a couple asked what the strength of their pair. Former bachelor thought. The answer he gave later on in his


– It is possible to feel, but to put the strings harder. But came to the conclusion that the strength of our couples in openness and communication. I know for sure: few people can honestly claim that they freely communicate with each other, spend time together and enjoying this. We really like this. We can honestly admit to each other what we like and what not. Unfortunately, not all couples realize that the openness and the conversations – the basis for relationship – shared secret Nikita.

Informed Dobrynin took the risk for romantic photos with Kvitkove. The couple also surprised fans with photo shoot naked.


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Nikita Dobrynin was shocked producers because Dasha Kvitkove.

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