Nightmare in the city centre: the girl was the victim of a brutal attack

Кошмар в центре города: девочка стала жертвой зверского нападения

Became known details of the tragedy that occurred with a minor

The incident occurred in the town of New Kakhovka (Kherson region).

There are 14-year-old girl sat in a car where there were three adult men. According to preliminary information, the teenager got in the vehicle voluntarily.

Кошмар в центре города: девочка стала жертвой зверского нападения

After that, the car pulled up to multi-storey residential building and the whole company went in one of the apartments. There one of the men wanted to join with the minor in an intimate relationship. After intercourse, the girl was released.

The child’s parents went to the police with the appropriate application. Law enforcement authorities began pre-judicial investigation.

As previously reported, Irina Akhmatova was driving home from work from downtown Moscow to Tula by car brands Audi and took companions through well-known Internet service BlaBlaCar. One of the metro stations to her sat a man. They headed for the city together. By the time the car Irina found near a shopping center in Yaroslavl region.

Relatives have reported the disappearance of Irene to the police. Criminal case about murder.

Company BlaBlaCar has learned that a client of their service disappeared from the media. The company has checked the data and confirmed that she really did travel on the route Moscow-Tula.

Кошмар в центре города: девочка стала жертвой зверского нападения

It was also reported that her husband Akhmatova called unknown. They demanded a meeting and a ransom of a hundred thousand roubles in exchange for the woman. According to the scammers, she is under their influence of drugs. Irina’s husband Akhmatova gave the number of the caller to the police. The latter checked the number and confirmed that it belongs to the scammers.

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Akhmatova – Director of two fast food restaurants Burger King in Moscow, and hooked her companion through the service BlaBlaCar has been repeatedly convicted for rape and fraud.

The note that BlaBlaCar is the world’s largest international online service search automotive travel companions for joint trips. Their distinguishing feature is that the driver does not have to be alone during the trip, and companions can travel long distances with comfort and considerable saving of time.

Recall that the star of the reality show was a maniac, was found on his phone shocked even the police: the victims were thousands.

As reported Politeka, the father took revenge on the villain for his daughter, castronova criminal in the street.

Also Politeka wrote that maniac without regret, told how he dealt with the 16-year-old.

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