Night drama in the tunnel on highway number 6: a famous gangster was shot in a Lamborghini

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 Night drama in the tunnel on Highway 6: a famous gangster was shot in Lamborghini

A nighttime drama took place on Highway 6 tonight. The killers were following the car of a notorious gangster from East Jerusalem, who was driving his Lamborghini car worth 2.5 million shekels.

At the moment of entering the tunnels near the Ben Shemen junction, a car with murderers hitched up to the Lamborghini, and the criminals opened fire from a pistol and an automatic rifle. Two East Jerusalem residents, aged 31 and 46, were critically injured in the shooting.

Police said: “We estimate that the suspects in the attempted murder followed the two for a long time and planned the assassination in the tunnels, as this may make it difficult for the security forces and the police to detain them. We will look into them in the coming days. "

It is also suspected that the unsuccessful liquidation attempt was caused by a financial dispute between the criminals. The police are investigating the version of the rescue services, which first reached the area, that the shooting actually came from a motorcycle, not a car, and that there were stab wounds along with the shots. Police investigators collected more than ten bullets from the scene. Lamborghini suffered hundreds of thousands of shekels in damage. The suspects have not been arrested yet.

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