Night arrest: how the terrorists got confused

Night arrest: how terrorists were confused

The Israeli media report details of the night operation in the village of Silat al-Chartiya, which ended with the arrest of a group of terrorists who killed Yehuda Dimentman last week in the Homesh area.

Security forces , & ldquo; calculating & rdquo; terrorists carried out a swift and unexpected operation. At about 2 am on December 19, the forces of the IDF, Shabak and Yamam blocked the terrorists in the village. They were misled into thinking that they were talking about the security forces of the Palestinian Authority. The terrorists surrendered without a fight. They were carrying two M16 automatic rifles and a home-made Carlo submachine gun used in the attack.

The terrorists were found because they left numerous traces at the scene of the attacks, initial information about what happened. Also yesterday, December 18, a terrorist car was found. Moreover, the security forces already last night, thanks to the work of intelligence, knew exactly which house the terrorists were in.

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