Nigeria bans sale of bushmeat

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 Nigeria bans sale of bushmeat

Nigeria's government has banned the sale of bushmeat as a precaution to stop the spread of monkeypox.

Reported by the BBC.
< br /> Wild meat includes antelopes, chimpanzees, fruit bats, rats, porcupines and snakes. It is noted that some wild animals, such as rodents, can carry the monkeypox virus. A person can become infected by biting or touching a sick animal.

Nigerian epidemiologists say there is no evidence linking cases of monkeypox to the consumption of wild animal meat. At the same time, experts in the UK say that it is possible to get infected from the meat of an infected animal if it is not cooked carefully and at the time of preparation.

In some remote areas of Nigeria, bushmeat is a source of food, while in others – a delicacy. There are many markets in the country where such meat is sold, and it is not clear how the ban will be implemented.

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