Nicolas Cage's Unusual Request

An unusual request from Nicolas Cage

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Hollywood actor Nicolas Cage said that he does not consider himself an actor and asks him not to call him that. He spoke about this on the Variety's Awards Circuit podcast.

According to CNN, Cage prefers to be called a “ tragedian. ''

“ It's always for me means, “ Oh, he is a great actor, therefore, he is a great liar. '' I like the word tragic & mdash; you open your heart and soul to the audience, '' said the Oscar winner.

In addition, Nicolas Cage said that after several failures in the cinema, he realized that he was on the outskirts of the film industry, and even did not expect to be offered the role. However, director Michael Sarnoski chose him for filming in the new film.

For this, Nicolas Cage calls the director “ Archangel Michael. ''

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