Nico Borie and his friends Teatro Caupolicán tickets

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Nico Borie and his friends Teatro Caupolicán tickets

The musician and YouTuber, Nico Borie, make the leap to the big stages. With more than a million subscribers on his YouTube channel, Borie will present his show “Rock Translated”At the Caupolicán Theater. The appointment will be on Saturday, November 20 at 7:00 p.m. and will have guest musicians such as Lalo Ibeas (Chancho en Piedra), Jean Philippe Cretton and members of bands such as Kuervos del Sur and Alectrofobia. Tickets are on sale through Puntoticket

About your first experience at the Caupolicán Theater, Nico Borie comments: “It is a dream that I never imagined that I could fulfill and it is also the consolidation of a project that has worked very well: “Rock Translated” began as an internet parody with the aim of making a viral video, but the public’s response was so positive that we already have seventy songs. It is incredible to be able to do my show on a historical stage, and moreover, accompanied by great musicians”.

Nico Borie it is an overwhelming phenomenon on the internet. Three years ago he began uploading videos in which he imitated voices of great rock singers, but with the lyrics of the songs translated into Spanish. Today his YouTube channel has 1,200,000 subscribers, more than half a million followers on Facebook, 100,000 on Instagram and more than 60,000 monthly listeners on Spotify. What started out as a fun way to promote his band, Parasyche, has turned him into one of the most popular Spanish-speaking music influencers.

The show that Nico Borie presented at the Caupolicán Theater is a journey into rock history through songs by artists such as Metallica, Guns N’Roses, Pearl Jam, System of a Down, Rammstein, Audioslave, Iron Maiden and AC / DC, among many others. On the occasion, the musician will have stellar guests: Chancho en Piedra’s vocalist, Lalo Ibeas; Jean Philippe Cretton, as well as Gerardo Elgueta from Alectrofobia and Jaime Sepúlveda from Kuervos del Sur.

Nico Borie enthusiastically faces the most challenging concert of his career and calls: “we want to have a rock party where everyone fits: couples, families and everyone who loves this music and wants to enjoy a show of great classics performed with a band very solid. Plus, there will be a giant screen so we can all sing along to those favorite songs. It will be a very special show ”.

This event will be held with all the sanitary measures required by the Ministry of Health regarding the social distancing of the attending public, the work team, the artistic team and the production team.Considering the requirements of the “Step by Step” plan of the Ministry of Health and the relevant authorities, take into account the following conditions to buy a ticket and attend this event.-Limited tickets and no sale at the door (theater box office).-All attendees must present the enabled Mobility Pass, together with their identity card. Required for people over 18 years old.-Under 18 years of age, they must prove their age and be accompanied by an adult with a mobility pass and / or current vaccination scheme.-Use of mask at all times.-Maintain your location throughout the event.

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