Nibiru helped scientists make sensational discovery: “extended”

Планета Нибиру помогла ученым сделать сенсационное открытие: «расширили границы»

Scientists are “hunted” on Nibiru and found something interesting

Experts, both professionals and Amateurs, strive to find the mysterious planet killer Nibiru.

However, thanks to this cosmic body, scientists were able to make a sensational discovery – they found a planet that is “most distant object from the Sun.” Scientific work belongs to astronomers from Northern Arizona University (USA).

Планета Нибиру помогла ученым сделать сенсационное открытие: «расширили границы»

The mysterious Nibiru, experts suggest, “hiding” behind the Pluto. And while it tried to detect, it opened about 60 objects. Among them there are two important cosmic body is planets the Goblin and the planet FarFarOut (with English “very far”).

FarFarOut, according to astronomers, is at a distance of 130-150 astronomical units from the Sun. This planet is small – its size is only about 400 kilometers.

Experts believe That their discovery “expands the boundaries”.

To detect Goblin and FarFarOut managed using the powerful Subaru telescope, which is set in the Hawaiian Islands.

As previously reported, scientists have found the mysterious signals from outer space. Thanks to the artificial intelligence of the message deciphered, they shocked the researchers.

In their messages, the aliens said that Nibiru is going to spray above Ground bacterial weapons. All of humanity will be destroyed. The data indicates that all people will die very quickly – literally within hours.

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Astronomers have discovered the most distant body ever seen in our solar system. It’s official name is 2018 VG18, but astronomers are calling it “Farout.” Pretty appropriate, considering it lies about 120 astronomical units away. For reference, one astronomical unit is the distance between the Earth and the sun. Pluto is at about 34 AU and the second-most-distant Solar System object observed is Elis, at about 96 AU. Dare we say, far out, dudes. 📸 and info: @carnegiescience . . . . . #farout #space #solarsystem #science #nasa #carnegieinstitute #carnegiescience

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“Through 0.65 light years is crossed the Earth’s orbit, and Nibiru will approach the planet at the greatest possible distance. Will be used a special weapon, which upon the waters and the continents of the enemy will be dispersed microorganisms. The action of the weapon begins immediately in the first second of human contact. Bacteria are able to destroy a healthy adult over 18 hours. Antibodies do not exist, they cannot be created. Race will be destroyed forever. The planet is purged from humanity,” reads the decrypted message.

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Conspiracy theorists believe that aliens are so interested in Earth due to the minerals that abound in our beautiful planet.

Recall that Nibiru hovered over the Earth, “will soon bring all its power”.

As reported Politeka, Nibiru is already attacking: famous country that will be the first victim.

Also Politeka wrote, found that the new mysterious planet-Nibiru neighbor: “Conducts its movements.”

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