NHL: “St. Louis” in overtime beat “Boston” and equalized the score in the Stanley Cup finals

НХЛ: «Сент-Луис» в овертайме обыграл «Бостон» и сравнял счет в финале Кубка Стэнли

“St. Louis” dramatic interrupted 8-match winning streak “Boston” in the current playoffs.

In the first period, “St. Louis,” the efforts of Roberto Bortuzzo and
Vladimir Tarasenko twice in the account. After that the initiative passed
to Blues, and even forced loss Tarasenko missed a second half
period due to problems with equipment, did not prevent the guests to stay in the game.

In the final period in “St. Louis” was a chance to come forward
but the goalkeeper of “Boston” Rask bailed out his team after dangerous shots Tarasenko
Schwarz and Bley. Another chance to come forward, “Blues” was after throwing Gunnarsson
– “Boston” saved home post.

In overtime, “St. Louis” led the game and regularly scored
a victorious washer. In the third minute of extra time Gunnarsson throw from the
the blue line sent the ball under the crossbar of the “Boston.”

When the score was 1:1 of the Stanley Cup finals in the next two matches
moving to Missouri. The third game of the crucial series of the season will be played on the ice, “St. Louis”
Sunday, June 2nd.

Boston – St Louis – 2:3 (2:2, 0:0, 0:0)

Goals: 1:0 – 4 Coils, 1:1 – 9 Of Bortuzzo, 2:1 – 10 Nordstrom,
2:2 – 14 Tarasenko, 2:3 – Gunnarsson 63

The score in the series 1-1.

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