NHL ready for a new expansion, but not before 2020

														НХЛ готова к новому расширению, но не раньше 2020 года

The League is not against further increase the number of teams, and the closest candidate is called Seattle.

Now in Seattle is the construction of the arena, which should help revive the team, and to help the NHL to expand to 32 clubs.

However, it is known that the League is not going to expand before 2020, and Seattle is the only real candidate, as the application of Quebec, apparently, again will not be considered.

In addition, NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman told that the cost of the appearance of the club in Seattle is estimated at $ 650 million. Interestingly, the latest newcomer to the League, Vegas Golden knights, who began their performances in the current season, it was worth 500 million.

Bettman added that one cannot exclude the move to Seattle one of the current teams, but it definitely will not be Carolina.

Now actively negotiating the sale of the club by the Carolina Hurricanes, but the NHL convinced that the Hurricanes remain in the city and will not move.

The earliest date of appearance of teams in Seattle — the fall of 2020, when construction will be completed KeyArena.

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