Next stop – New Year

Next stop is New Years

It is difficult to find a holiday more long-awaited than the New Year. This is not just the beginning of a new year – it is the beginning of a new life! When you are still so eager to spin around the stove, look for gifts for your family and decorate the Christmas tree with nostalgia.

But what can you love more than a Olivier and a fur coat, garlands, gifts and & ldquo; Irony of fate & quot; rdquo; ? Exactly – to sum up! The end of the year seems to have been created so that, looking back, we could leave everything bad in it, and with us – forward – take only what we are proud of.

And we at Egged are no exception. We looked back to 2021 to understand what a difficult year we had to go through with you and how much wonderful it gave us.

In 2021, we made more than 312 million trips from Eilat to Dan on 3,500 buses , having realized such a rare opportunity for our time –
to travel. Over the course of this year, we have improved the work of our unique TikTak service operating in Jerusalem and Haifa.

Next stop is New Years

The most important event the replenishment of the Egged bus fleet with new electric buses. We continue to work in this area, which in
will soon bring Israel to a qualitatively new level in the field of smart and environmentally friendly transport.

In addition, we have increased the number of premium buses running on long distances.

Next stop is New Years

And, of course, the most joyous event of this year is the award! Thanks to your support, we were recognized as the best public transport operator in Israel, and we still feel proud and grateful for this event!

It's time to move on. Any achievements of the past are only the basis for new achievements. And we have something to surprise you with. Next year, Egged will add buses of a completely new level to the fleet: there will be more double-decker routes and buses for people with special needs … A little more, and you yourself will see everything!

We see this year as a year of achievements, new victories and unexpected decisions. May the coming year give us all the opportunity to be better!

Thank you for choosing Egged.
Happy New Year!

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