New York Times columnist compares Netanyahu to Putin

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An article titled “Putin and Netanyahu Show Why Bad Things Happen to Bad Leaders” Friedman says he is “shocked” by that Putin and Netanyahu “completely misunderstand the world they operate in.”

by themselves”,– Friedman writes.
He goes on to mention how Putin misinterpreted the situation in Ukraine and failed to capture Kyiv in a few days, stuck in a war against Ukraine and the West with no end in sight. This led to Russia becoming an “energy colony” China and “the beggar of Iranian drones”.
The author compares this situation with that in which Netanyahu and his coalition found themselves.

“They thought they could pull off a quick legal coup disguised as legal “reform”, – Friedman believes and argues that Netanyahu aims to “rule like a dictator without worrying about the only source of restrictions for politicians in the Israeli system: his independent judiciary.” The author also claims that during the first cabinet meeting in December, judicial reform was not mentioned among Netanyahu's priorities.

Friedman criticizes Netanyahu for “mistaking the foundation of his own party”; regarding judicial reform.

“Both Netanyahu and Putin blame their problems on external adversaries and foreign funding,” – Friedman continues.
Netanyahu is then compared to Putin for “being in power for so many years” which, according to the observer, leads to “traces of corruption that leave him with a sense of – power or death”.

The columnist believes that these fears of the prime minister were behind his formation of a coalition with “two ex-prisoners and a gallery of miscreants”; and that Netanyahu did it “out of desperation because he was abandoned by so many worthy members of the Likud.” which will force foreign investors to flee the Israeli tech sector en masse”.

The article concludes that Putin can “afford a long war of attrition in Ukraine where he will never have to admit his mistake”, but denounces Netanyahu for leading an “extremist coalition” that Friedman writes is determined to “ignore the wishes and values ​​of its closest ally, the United States, and in particular the American Jews.”

Friedman describes Netanyahu's leadership as “madness”, claiming that Russia will outlive Putin's leadership, but &ldqu o;Israel may not survive Netanyahu”.

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