New York protesters call for 'globalization of intifada'

 New York protesters call for 'globalization of intifada'

This week, a pro-Palestinian rally took place in front of the Israeli Consulate General in Manhattan, the participants of which came out to support the “Palestinian cause”.

About Haruts Sheva reports this.

During the demonstration, the protesters called for the “globalization of the intifada.” and waved PLO flags.

Participants chanted: “We don't want two states, we want everything,” “Israel, go to hell.”

“We come here to protest so people can see what our message is. We don't want to be occupied anymore. It's been like this for a long, long time,” one protester said.

It is noted that the organizers of the march, which included such organizations as Within Our Lifetime, Samoudin and the Palestinian Youth Movement, refused to communicate with representatives of the New York Jewish Week, saying that this publication is part of the “Zionist media”.

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