New year on the beach: how a vacation turned into a hospital

For the new year holidays Ukrainians are planning vacations to warmer climates. However, climate change may long-awaited vacation to turn into a hospital

The physician of the Kiev regional center of emergency medicine Tatiana Yarashuk and expert nutritionist-a nutritionist, Dmitry Kolesnichenko gave tips on how to prepare your body for the holiday.

“Acclimatization is manifested in different ways: lack of energy (the weight), problems of the digestive system and bowel function (stool violation), the failure of the immune system (cold or temperature), the deterioration of the skin, etc. Everything will depend on the intensity of stress on the body and the presence of weak systems”, — said Dmitry Kolesnichenko.

In order to support the body before and during the trip, you should pay attention to the following points:

Before the trip it is advisable not to increase the load work tasks — this will lead to consequences during the holidays

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— To withstand the water regime of the day (before and during the trip) — minimum 30 ml / kg to drink a day. During the trip it is advisable to use bottled water with low salinity.

— do not lean on food (especially local food). All new dishes, it is desirable to try in a small amount in the first half of the day.

-Alkogolny drinks can also worsen the condition of the body. Therefore, their use should be limited.

-Girni meals not to eat in the evening, replacing them with salads without mayonnaise.

— It is advisable to add antioxidants to your diet while on a trip

Before going to sleep will be appropriate probiotics (sour-milk bacteria) in the form of specific complexes, or at least with natural yogurt (fat content up to 5%).

is to use creams to protect the skin from the sun and hats for the beach and Sunny walks.

“When people change their place of residence and goes to another country, the body is under stress it tries to adapt to the new conditions. However, the process of acclimatization required. Just imagine, we are accustomed to a temperate climate, and then suddenly — hot climate, this is a huge burden for all organ systems,” said Tatiana Yarashuk.

There are two stages of acclimatization:

1. Insomnia, mood changes, a feeling of discomfort.

2. The decline in physiological resilience, as a consequence — the emergence of new diseases or exacerbation of chronic.

For the prevention of disease and the rapid acclimatization specialist recommends the following preventive means:

— tincture of ginseng take 25-30 drops per day.

— tincture of Eleutherococcus take 15-25 K / day in the morning.

— vitamins a and E.

“While relaxing under climate change useful green tea, need more rest, go to bed on time, try not to disrupt your biorhythms” — told the expert.

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Source: channel 24

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