New variant of COVID: mortality – 80%

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 New version of COVID: 80% death rate

Boston University scientists have been condemned for what they found to have created a deadly new strain of COVID in the lab.

The Daily Mail has learned that the team has created a hybrid virus by combining Omicron with the original wild-type strain that first appeared in Wuhan at the beginning of the pandemic. In the course of the study, the new virus caused the death of 80% of the mice.

In their study, they wrote: “In mice, while” Omicron ” causes mild, non-fatal infection, the Omicron S virus causes severe disease with an 80% mortality rate.

The scientific community has already responded to this discovery. For example, Israeli professor Shmuel Shapira said, “It should be completely forbidden, it's playing with fire.”

Professor David Livermore, professor of microbiology at the British University of East Anglia, said: that the coronavirus pandemic was the result of a laboratory-provoked coronavirus leak in Wuhan, these experiments seem profoundly unreasonable.”

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