New variant of COVID identified in Israel

 New COVID variant identified in Israel

Five cases of infection with the strain of coronavirus BA2.12.1 have been detected in Israel in recent days.

Channel 20 reports.

This is a sub-strain of the BA.2 substrain, which is derived from Omicron.

It is believed to be a particularly contagious substrain of the coronavirus. This variant first appeared in North America. According to various estimates, BA2.12.1 in the United States accounts for about 19% of the total number of cases of infection.

According to the evening report of the Ministry of Health, as of April 24, a total of 4,057,772 cases have been recorded in Israel since the start of the pandemic. infections. Over the past 24 hours, 2,490 new cases have been detected.

28,830 people are active carriers of the coronavirus. 218 patients are in serious condition, 76 – connected to ventilators. During the entire period of the pandemic, 10,670 people died from COVID-19.

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