New Technion Technology: “Print and Grow” Tissues for Transplantation

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 New Technion technology: “print and grow” tissue for transplantation

The Technion has developed a revolutionary technology for growing tissue for transplantation by printing it in a microgel bath as a support material.

In bioprinting, living cells are embedded in biological ink and printed layer by layer. The printed tissue then undergoes growth until it is ready.

The study, published in Advanced Science, was conducted by Prof. Shulamit Levenberg of the Faculty of Biomedical Engineering and Prof. Havazelet Bianco-Peled of the Wolfson Department of Chemical Engineering.

“The growth phase of the tissue, that is, the period between printing and transplantation into the target organ, is equally important”, – says Professor Levenberg. “This is a complex period when printed cells divide, migrate and release their extracellular matrix and attach to each other to create tissue. One problem is that in this complex process, fabrics tend to warp and shrink in an uncontrolled manner.

Researchers have developed methods to prevent uneven shrinkage of printed fabric after printing. The solution was found by changing the environment in which the fabric is printed and grown.

The new concept is based on the use of CarGrow red algae microgel as a supporting material. The process ensures reliable and controlled production of functional fabric in the desired size and shape. Since this material is transparent, scientists can observe the development of the tissue.

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