New tax cheat of the Ukrainians: “guests now have to pay”

Новый налог облапошит украинцев: "за гостей теперь нужно платить"

In Ukraine came into force a law that would force residents to pay a special tax for foreign visitors

It is noted that on 1 January 2019 Ukraine entered into force the law №2628-VIII on amendments to the Tax code to improve administration and revision of the rates of certain taxes and fees.

As you know, changes have affected not only the mechanisms of increased excise taxes, but also the introduction of the payment of the so-called tourist tax.

Новый налог облапошит украинцев: "за гостей теперь нужно платить"

Until this year, the tourist tax paid by tourists who stayed in hostels and hotels, and the rate was at 1% of the total cost of living. However, now the rules have changed and a fee will have to pay not only the hostels/hotels, but also ordinary people, to which arrived guests from other countries.

Experts suggest that upon entry to Ukraine of foreigners forced to specify the address and name of the inviting party. And specific people will be forced to pay the tax for your guests after their departure. Track friends who are traveling within the country is almost impossible, therefore, to pay a tourist tax during their stay, most likely, will not have to.

But the main innovation concerns the size of the tourist fee. For Ukrainian tourists to its maximum size will be 0.5%, and for foreign guests — up to 5% of the minimum wage for each day of stay. Since January 1, the size of the minimal wage is 4173 UAH per month, so the maximum bet for our compatriots is 20,86 UAH, but foreigners have to pay 208,6 UAH per day.

The size of the bet sets each city separately, so the local administration while you think about the amount of the fee. Unlike the previous years to pay the tourist tax will have not after the departure of the tourist, as it happened earlier, during his visit

Новый налог облапошит украинцев: "за гостей теперь нужно платить"

Previously, we reported that Ukrainians in 2019 will heal the rich. The Finance Ministry released new data on expected growth of average salary in 2019, and projected salary for 2021.

As the findings of the Macroeconomic review and forecast of the Ministry of Finance, the average monthly salary (gross) employees in the year 2109 will be 10 UAH 129.

Thus, the nominal wage adjusted for the consumer price index will grow by 6.9% in 2019. Comparison is shown with regard to 2018. In 2020 its size will increase by 6.0 %, and 6.2 percent in 2021. In the past year, wage growth was 11%.

Новый налог облапошит украинцев: "за гостей теперь нужно платить"

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