New tax: 95% of nurses in geriatric centers will lose their licenses

News » Health Because of the new tax: 95% of nurses in geriatric centers will lose their licenses

The Ministry of Finance and the Department of Public Affairs want to introduce a fee for the use of foreign workers in geriatric care facilities in in the amount of about eight million shekels. However, the Ministry of Health refuses to allocate funds for this purpose in the budget, and therefore, at the end of next month, the licenses of 1,000 out of 1,050 employees of these institutions will be revoked.

According to the decision, from the beginning of April, institutions employing foreign workers , will have to pay a fee of NIS 8,000 per worker, similar to the construction and restaurant industries. However, there is no customer revenue in this industry and the Ministry of Health makes the budget for the institutions. Nursing home association leaders are demanding a total abolition of fees, similar to private workers in nursing homes, or alternatively asking that the Ministry of Health also budget for fees. This is because the institutions, which are already in deficit, do not have the ability to pay such a large amount.

Unfortunately for them, many managers have decided to cancel applications for new employees, and out of 70 employees, which were supposed to arrive at the beginning of April, only 45 will arrive at the moment.

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