New species of spider found in Israeli caves

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 New species of spider found in Israeli caves

Seven new species of spiders living deep in caves have recently been discovered in Israel.

According to Israel21c, scientists from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem conducted the study.
< br /> As it turned out, some spiders have very poor eyesight, and some are completely blind. Scientists have studied spiders in caves throughout Israel to study the evolutionary links between members of the Agelenidae family living in the front and back of the caves. Those spiders that live in the front can see, albeit poorly. And those who live in the deep can't see anything at all.

Genetic testing has shown that the newly discovered species were evolutionarily more similar to the spider species found in the Mediterranean regions of southern Europe than to the spiders living at the entrance into their own caves. Scientists do not rule out that the new species may be a relic of an older species that became extinct due to climate change in the region. The found spiders may have adapted to their habitat, thanks to which they managed to survive.

As we observe the impact of climate change on many habitats, we must consider the impact of climate change on underground habitats in Israel and the species known only from these caves. The seven new species that have been discovered join many more new to science invertebrates that have been discovered in caves in Israel in recent years. This forces us to protect these unique habitats, many of which are in imminent danger. statement.

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