New restaurant of Bulgarian-Arabian cuisine in Galilee

New Bulgarian-Arabian restaurant in Galilee

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As many borders are still closed, more and more places are opening up serving authentic tastes and aromas from around the world

Rai Restaurant (translated from Bulgarian “ Paradise '') & mdash; it is a local Galilean Bulgarian restaurant that manages to combine two cuisines. It is located in the village of Rama in the Galilee.

Adiv Saad, the owner of Rai , once went to Bulgaria to study physiotherapy. After traveling through this country and getting to know the local culture and cuisine that he fell in love with, he decided to open a restaurant. Adiv Saad chose the name of his son as the name of the establishment.

Chef Murad Shiban is responsible for the restaurant's rich and elaborate menu. Visitors are offered traditional Bulgarian, Greek and local Arabic cuisine.

New Bulgarian restaurant -Arabic cuisine in Galilee

Shopska salad is served here for an appetizer. & mdash; tomatoes, cucumber and parsley, fried peppers, onions and bulgarian cheese (30 nis small/45 nis large); “ Liver Chushka '' & mdash; fried pepper slices with cream cheese balls and brioche toast (36 nis); Bulgarian homemade burgundy pickles (15 nis); Zucchini in yoghurt or pomegranate syrup (32 nis);

In the section of Galilean Arabic cuisine there is Shulbato & mdash; Galilean stew with vegetables (40 nis); Fennel salad with lentils & mdash; stewed lentils with fennel, served with local yoghurt. (45 nis);

Main courses & mdash; Veal kavarma & mdash; long cooked veal with root vegetables and cheeses, accompanied by rice/mashed potatoes. (68 NIS); Bulgarian kebab & mdash; served with seasonal vegetables on a pillow from L├╝tenitsa (Bulgarian salsa). (65 nis.);

The dishes include herbs that are common in Bulgarian cuisine: oregano and mashcherka, a variety of thyme.
Outside the restaurant there is a stone wood-fired oven and a grill, where whole cuts of meat are fried. A winery was built in the basement of the restaurant. It produces wine from Cabernet, Merlot and Petit Verdot grapes.

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