New “record”: the price of visiting the pool – 125 shekels

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The newspaper Israel Ha Yom reports that the price of a single visit to the pool in the center of the country has increased by 10% compared to last year.< br />
Prices vary depending on the location and whether it is an adult or a child.

The absolute “record” staged by country music Holmes Place in Giv'at Shmuel. There, a visit to the pool on the weekend costs 125 shekels – including for children over 2 years old. On normal days, the entry price is “only” 100 shekels.

In Dekel Tel Aviv, on weekends, one hundred shekels is required for an adult to enter, for a child over 3 years old – 70, under – 30. On ordinary days, children pay the same price, adults they pay 85 shekels.

At the Country Club Herzliya, the entrance price for an adult is 70 shekels on weekends, 60 shekels on a weekday. Children pay 10 shekels less.

In the country of Ramat Hasharon, adults pay 80 shekels on weekdays, 90 on weekends, children on weekdays – 65, and on weekends – 80.
< br /> In the Ramat Rachel Country in Jerusalem, the price for an adult on a weekday is 100 shekels, on a weekend – 120, for a child on a weekday – 75, on a weekend – 90.

On weekends, the pools quickly overflow and they can’t accommodate everyone, the guards simply close the gates, and you can’t get into the pool for any money.

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