New Range Rover for the first time in Israel

New Range Rover for the first time in Israel

Automotive marketing company Mizrach, an importer of luxury cars of the Land Rover brand, has presented for the first time in Israel the fifth generation of luxury SUVs – the new Range Rover. The car will arrive in Israel in the second quarter of 2022 and will be priced at NIS 1,299,000.

The new Range Rover is the most prestigious and coveted SUV in the world.

The promotional video premiered two months ago. There was also an Israeli show.

The declared Range Rover combines comfort and safety. As always, we took into account unexpected road situations and cross-country conditions and combined this with technological sophistication.

What else awaits you this time? For the first time ever, our luxury car has seven seats.

Range Rover's unique design is innovative and recognizable. This time, the buyer will see classic features such as 'floating' roof, & ldquo; gills & rdquo; on the front fenders and the unique design of the rear of the car – all this immediately sets it apart from the background of conventional cars. It's not just an SUV that's expensive. The quality and price correspond to the declared class, because the Windsors themselves, the royal dynasty of Great Britain, paid tribute to the Range Rover and chose this particular car brand for their family.

The new MLA-Flex architecture allows you to choose between standard and long wheelbases and different types of engines: gasoline, diesel, plug-in, which will appear in late 2022, as well as electric, which will be in 2024.

All models provide steering for all wheels, which gives the vehicle more stability at speed and maneuverability. Advanced electronic front air suspension provides quantum locking.

The innovative Dual nano air purification technology improves cabin air quality, helps remove odors and filters out particles, viruses and bacteria.

Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) technology was developed in Israel by Silentium. It makes the Range Rover one of the quietest vehicles on the road. The car has external microphones and speakers are built into the headrest.

Private quiet zones have been created for travelers. This works like a headphone to eliminate noise at the highest level.

The new Range Rover will be presented in Israel with three different engines:

Diesel MHEV, 6 cylinders, 350 HP, 71.4 kg, 0-100 in 6.1 h (standard car), 234 km/h.

6-cylinder petrol 3.0 MHEV, 400 hp, 56.1 kg, 0-100 @ 5.8 h (standard car), 242 km/h.

4.4 V8 petrol, 530 hp, 76.5 kg, 0-100 at 4.6 h (standard car), 250 km/h.

All models will be offered with a choice between standard (5 seats) and long (7 seats). < br />
Model 3.0 will be offered in a complete HSE version, which includes, among other things, electric adjustment, heating, cooling and massage of the front seats. Direction of ventilation and electric drive of the rear seat back; opening of the panoramic roof; 21-inch wheels; peripheral cameras; automatic parking; electric door lock; the trunk is opened with gestures; Clearsight-based smart central SLR camera; digital LED lighting and more.

Model 4.4 Will be offered as standard on the Autobiography deluxe edition (optional on 3.0 models), which also includes executive rear seats; discs 22 inches; leather ceiling trim; electro-folding of the trunk; redesigned Meridian Signature sound system; acoustic coating for rear side windows and much more.

HSE trim 3.0 models start at NIS 1,299,000.

Autobiography trim level add-on: NIS 100,000.

Price for 4.4 model at Autobiography trim level: NIS 1,489,000.

Extra charge for long body (7 seats) on all models: NIS 70,000.

As is customary in luxury models, the new Range Rover offers a wide range of additional options for the buyer to choose days.

Model 4.4 Autobiography with an extremely high level of equipment, including an electric folding towbar (NIS 17,600), 23-inch wheels (NIS 16,300), the Shadow exterior package (NIS 5,900), increased towing capacity (NIS 3,500), black roof (NIS 8,900), dark birch trim (NIS 7,900), Comfort Plus Executive Seating Package which includes individual rear seats with various massage programs including hot stone massage (NIS 31,200), metallic color in a special shade of Charente Gray ( NIS 19,700).

The declared price of the car, including all additions, is NIS 1,600,000.

According to Erez Tropen, Vice President of Marketing and Sales, Mizrach, Land Rover Importer: & ldquo; After a record year of Land Rover sales in Israel, we are introducing the new Range Rover, an iconic model. Land Rover is redefining capabilities and technology.

Over the years, Range Rover has acquired a large audience of regular customers in Israel, and dozens of buyers have already ordered the new model before they even saw it. ''

New Range Rover for the first time in Israel

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New Range Rover for the first time in Israel

 New Range Rover for the first time in Israel

 New Range Rover for the first time in Israel

 New Range Rover in Israel for the first time

 New Range Rover for the first time in Israel

 For the first time in Israel's new Range Rover

New Range Rover for the first time in Israel

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