New Music Center opened in Ra'anana

 New Music Center opened in Ra'anana

On Monday, February 14, the new building of the Pais Music Center was inaugurated in Raanana, the largest and most innovative musical institution of its kind in Israel.

The new building built by the municipality with the help of Mifal Hapais using the most advanced technology, carefully designed with
special attention to room acoustics. The building provides optimal conditions for listeners and performers.

 Raanana opened a new Music Center

The new center opens the door to the world of music for all ages. The spacious foyer is designed for immersion in the atmosphere and communication. In the chamber living room, residents and guests of Raanana will be able to enjoy music in a variety of styles.

This impressive space with special acoustics is designed specifically for chamber concerts of classical, jazz, rock and contemporary music. The new center also has separate practice rooms, rehearsal rooms and professional recording studios equipped with instruments and the latest equipment.

The opening of the new spring season was timed to coincide with the ceremony. Within its framework, the Music Center will host a series of performances in a variety of styles – jazz, rock, chamber music, as well as a festival of string instruments. Also in the program of the season – piano recitals, a chamber meeting with Mika Karni, a performance by Dori Ben-Zeev with songs by Meir Ariel, original children's musical performances, a concert from the cycle “Children play for children”; and much more.

 New Music Center opened in Ra'anana

The opening ceremony of the Center was attended by the Mayor of Ra'anana, Chaim Broide, high-ranking officials of the mayor's office, the director of the department for the construction of cultural facilities in “Mifal ha-pais”; Avi Debi, directors of music schools, music directors and others. A youth orchestra conducted by Jeff Howard played at the opening of the center.

Mayor Chaim Broyde: “Pais Raanana Music Center” became the most advanced in the country. I hope Ra'anana residents of all ages will regularly experience the beautiful world of performing arts, now it's very close to home.”

Avi Deby, director of cultural and environmental construction at Mifal hapais: “We are proud to be a key partner of Ra'anana City Hall in advising and funding the creation of the new music centre. This is one of the most impressive and modern establishments of its kind in the country, and we are sure that the city's residents will be coming here for years to come. We would like to thank Ra'anana Municipality for fruitful and successful cooperation.

Photo: Iki Maimon

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