New Mahle electric motor opens the green road for heavy equipment

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The German company Mahle has developed an electric motor that can continuously operate under a load of more than 90% of the peak value. The Superior Continuous Torque (SCT) motor does not overheat in the vast majority of severe applications. At the same time, it is compact and lightweight, which makes it cheaper. It is expected that the SCT motor will become the basis of both passenger electric vehicles and electric-powered heavy equipment. they simply overheat. For better cooling, electric motors have to be made larger and heavier. So you can increase the continuous load, but at the same time the motors become more expensive and part of the payload is lost – the extra weight of the engine eats it up.

German engineers have managed to develop a light and powerful electric motor that can withstand heavy loads. A truck with such an engine will not run out of steam on a steep climb with a heavy load in the back, and a racing electric car will show miracles of speed on the track.

The secret of the development lies in the automatic supply of oil for cooling. The heated oil can be used to heat the components of an electric vehicle, such as a battery in winter, or be cooled through radiators.

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