New hit: the dog-eater’s funny apologized to a friend

Новый хит: собака-обжора забавно извинилась перед другом

The video is gaining popularity.

A dog named Walter about not very behaved and was not a “good boy,” reports the with reference to 120.

When they reached the bowl of his brother Kiko, the animal decided what to itself did not refuse and left of the second dog without lunch. Misconduct of Walter drew the attention of the owner of the dogs, so she intervened and began to blame the glutton. It seems that the dog really understood how poorly received, so he went to Kiko and touching and hugged him as an apology.

Новый хит: собака-обжора забавно извинилась перед другом

Once the video appeared in Instagram, users flooded the owner of the dogs issues as she taught Walter to hug Akiko. The woman admitted that she had trained a pet to cuddle with her, but the hug he liked that he on his own initiative decided to give them another and another.

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The way he apologizes is so sweet. Can’t stay mad at that big fluff for to long. — As you may know kiko have been having some health issues and this morning he wasn’t eating his food. So little naughty Watson took advantage of that. He apologized to his brother so it’s all good now 😂

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