New harbinger of the end of the world shocked the world: “the great war”

Новый предвестник конца света шокировал мир: "Будет большая война"

The ancient tree that suffered the losswas about five thousand years. The legend says that in this place the Patriarch was the Holy Trinity

In Hebron, Israeli happened alarm event, which many consider a warning about upcoming disasters. The ancient “oak of Abraham” died. We are talking about the tree, which, according to experts, there were at least 5,000 years.

Новый предвестник конца света шокировал мир: "Будет большая война"

The oak tree of Abraham — tree, under cover of which, according to legend, the biblical Patriarch was the Holy Trinity. He fell on Sunday, February 10, in the eyes of local Palestinians and tourists. Bad news witnesses immediately began to share on social networks.

The fact that, according to local beliefs, the death of the sacred tree — a bad sign, it may be indicative of a new global war and even the end of the world.

Новый предвестник конца света шокировал мир: "Будет большая война"

As previously reported, Ukraine and Israel signed an agreement on free trade zone.

The signing of the document took place on Monday, January 21, during the visit Petro Poroshenko in Israel.

The President of Ukraine and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu signed the FTA agreement in Jerusalem. Poroshenko called the day “historic,” noting that the agreement had been preparing for 50 years.

It is noted that the establishment of the FTA will reduce the price of Ukrainian goods in Israel and in Ukraine.

It is expected that in General the signing of the agreement will promote bilateral trade and economic cooperation between Ukraine and Israel. As a result, Ukrainian producers and businesses will get new opportunities for expanding markets and upgrading production.

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Previously, we wrote about the fact that the draft agreement on an FTA with Israel was approved by the Cabinet of Ministers. The agreement provides for the liberalization of access to the Ukrainian market of those goods which were the interest of the Israeli side.

With the entry into force of this agreement Israel shall abolish all import duties for 9.2% of agricultural products (fish, vegetable oil, canned vegetables) and about 80% of industrial goods (medicines, fertilizers, building materials, etc.). In addition, a transitional period to full cancellation fees, partial liberalization of duties and defined exceptions to this trade regime.

Ukraine will be able to save the duty on meat and poultry offal, frozen pork, certain types of fish, dairy products, grain, etc.

It is noted that after the establishment of the FTA with Israel, Ukraine may lose $1.84 million dollars of GDP.

But, at the same time, should increase Ukrainian exports. The increase should be $63,44 (15.88 per cent) million dollars. The import of Israeli goods will increase by $28,78 million (20.7 per cent).

Recall, currency collapse, Ukrainians warned of the danger, every second banknote is a fake.

As reported Politeka, dollars will be the salary issue, the Ukrainians are preparing a revolution.

Also Politeka wrote that the forecast for 2019 for Russia, dumbfounded, waiting for her inflationary shock, the collapse of the ruble and not only.

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