New hairstyle trump ridiculed in social networks

Новую прическу Трампа высмеяли в соцсетях

People were’t ready.

On 3 June, ahead of the state visit to the UK, trump arrived in the Evangelical Church to honor the memory of the victims of the mass shooting at the synagogue of California city of POWAY, reports the with reference to

There he was spotted with a new haircut: the hair is now President slicked back.

The Americans have assessed changes in appearance of the head of state and discussed on Twitter. “Please return your old hairstyle.

New — it’s not you. You should not change yourself for the sake of Queen Elizabeth, or for someone else!” called one of the users of the social network.

Новую прическу Трампа высмеяли в соцсетях

Новую прическу Трампа высмеяли в соцсетях

“New haircut trump is so weird because it looks much more normal, his usual hairstyle,” said another.

However, there were also those who approved the President’s choice. “Your new haircut is beautiful. Stay as you are. It looks much more refined and modern. Your old hairstyle is no longer relevant. Now you have the highlight, and you show the joy of life. Bravo” — pohvalila one wearer. “We just love your new haircut, you look younger and more conservative” — supported the other.

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