New embarrassment: the restaurant refused to accept Liz Truss's bank card

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 New embarrassment: the restaurant refused to accept Liz Truss' bank card < /p>

Former British Prime Minister Liz Truss is in trouble again. According to The Sun, this happened while she was having lunch at a restaurant. In particular, the establishment refused to accept Truss's bank card, and therefore she had to ask her friend to pay for the order. "The restaurant was very busy, and Liz Truss was having lunch with a friend. They chatted and probably stayed there for about an hour. But when the waiter brought the terminal, her card was rejected. It was obvious that she was nervous, so she tried again”, — said an eyewitness. Truss tried several times to pay for the order, but in the end her friends paid the bill, which was less than 20 euros. This is far from the first troubles of the ex-premier in recent times. Since July, she has had to change her mobile phone four times due to British intelligence fears that they were hacked.

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