New earthquake in Israel

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 New earthquake in Israel

Today, February 8, another earthquake occurred in Israel – less than a day after the earthquake felt yesterday. Home Front Command confirms that the quake had a magnitude of 3.3 and occurred in the Jordan Valley region, 20 kilometers southeast of Ariel.

Palestinian sources report that after the earthquake, the upper part of an old house in Kfar Kalil, located south of Nablus, collapsed. This earthquake is similar to the one that was felt yesterday in Israel, the magnitude of which was 3.4, and the source was located about 10 kilometers north of Nablus. There are no reports of casualties at this time, but property damage has been done.

“Our system detected an earthquake within a few seconds, but there was no alert because the intensity of the earthquake had not crossed the alert threshold,” explains Zohar Gvirtsman, director general of the Geological Institute. “In terms of its characteristics, it is similar to the earthquake that happened last night. It is difficult to say what this means in terms of the possibility of future aftershocks. We had several events in a sequence of aftershocks in the same area. It happens, it can happen.”

Professor Shmuel Marko of Tel Aviv University, speaking to Channel 12, explains: “It is quite likely that there will be two strong earthquakes in Turkey and then in Israel . “There is a high probability of earthquakes in both places, so it is definitely possible that there will be earthquakes in neighboring places,” he said. “If we look at other places in the world, we will find even more earthquakes. Only a few of them were recorded in Mexico, Taiwan, Colombia, Iran, Indonesia, Fiji, Argentina and other countries.

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