New details of the shootout: how the terrorist from Shuafat was eliminated

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 New details of the shootout: how the terrorist from Shuafat was eliminated

Details of the liquidation in Maale Adumim of the terrorist Udey Tamimi, who killed Noah Lazar at the checkpoint in Shuafat 12 days ago, appeared in the Israeli press.

One of the citizens noticed Tamimi approaching the checkpoint and informed the guards, who quickly prepared to retaliate. The terrorist continued to shoot even after he was hit.

Ynet reporter Liran Tamari reconstructed the sequence of events leading up to the terrorist's neutralization. It all started around 20:00, when a resident driving his car to the exit of the city noticed a suspicious person moving on foot towards the checkpoint at the exit of Ma'ale Adumim. The resident made a U-turn and reported the suspicious person to the guards at the checkpoint. The guards immediately prepared for the alarm, knowing that at any moment the suspect could try to commit a terrorist act.

Indeed, the terrorist opened fire on the guards with a pistol. He approached within three meters of the checkpoint and tried to hit the guards, one of whom quickly reacted and fired at the fallen terrorist.

Another guard tried to fire an automatic weapon, but stopped after hitting the chamber terrorist bullet. He pulled out a pistol and fired. The terrorist continued to return fire even after being wounded and when he was already lying on the ground, and the guards continued to shoot at him until he was neutralized and his weapons were taken away.

When the forces arrived on the scene, they found that the terrorist also took a homemade grenade with him, but did not have time to use it.

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