New computer virus calls for food and clothing to be donated to the poor

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 New computer virus requires donating clothes and food to the poor

In India, a new ransomware program has been discovered that helps the poor.

Cludsec experts, who control digital risks, said, that a new virus enters the system and requires donations of new clothes to the homeless, feeding children at branded pizzerias and providing financial assistance to anyone in need of urgent medical care, but cannot afford it.

The program is called Goodwill, according to experts, it can lead to the loss of company data.

“GoodWill ransomware applications were identified by CloudSEK researchers in March 2022. As the name of the group of threats suggests, the operators are allegedly interested in promoting social justice, and not just in financial enrichment”, & ndash; experts said in the report.

Once infected, the GoodWill worm encrypts documents, photos, videos, databases and other important files and makes them inaccessible without a decryption key.

that victims must perform three social actions in exchange for a decryption key: donate new clothes to the homeless, record the process, and post it on social media. Also, the victims of the virus must take five children from low-income families to Dominos Pizza Hut or KFC and treat them. Also provide financial assistance to anyone who needs urgent medical care but cannot afford it at a nearby hospital”, – the message says.

After all these conditions are met, the victim of the virus receives decryption keys.

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