New colored eyeliners from M.A.C will open in every makeup artist

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 M.A.C's New Colored Eyeliner Pencils Will Unlock Every Makeup Artist

And not just an artist, but a graphic artist who draws clear bright lines with one stroke. A new collection of eyeliners in 12 bold and intense colors combines 24-hour wear on the eyelid and 12-hour wear on the mucosa with powerful pigment and a soft, smooth texture.

M.A.C Gel Eye Pencil Color Excess Gel Pencil Eye Liner has become the beauty highlight of the season.

 M.A.C's New Colored Eye Pencils Will Reveal Every Makeup Artist

M·A·C Color Excess Gel Pencil Eye Liner – This is an advanced highly pigmented gel eyeliner that is safe for contact lens wearers

Each of the pencils has a retractable format and a color package that matches its shade. The formula lasts 24 hours on the eyelids, 12 hours on the mucosa, does not roll, smudge or fade. Line-Lock technology promises long-lasting application, while Pigment Alchemy delivers smooth gliding and powerful color in one stroke.

 M.A.C's new colored eyeliners will open every makeup artist

The eyeliner is available in twelve colors and shades.
< br />The revolutionary Line-Lock technology has been praised by makeup artists for its ability to deliver precision lines with ease of stroke. All 12 shades blend seamlessly into the lid in one swipe.

 New colored eyeliners from M.A.C will open every makeup artist

The assortment has shades for all occasions — from bright holiday colors to discreet natural tones, suitable for any mood and
use in any technique.

How to use? Apply directly to the skin of the eyelid or to the mucosal line. If you want to blend, it is recommended to do so immediately after application. Once the material has hardened, it cannot be blended.

Safe with contact lenses and ophthalmologist tested.
Price NIS 115.
Found in MAC stores and on website

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