New charges against J.K. Rowling

New charges against J.K. Rowling

The author of the Harry Potter books, writer J.K. Rowling, was again accused of transphobia. The reason for the new charges was another post by Rowling on social networks.

J.K. Rowling criticized the news that in Scotland, rape accused will be registered by how they define their gender. That is, men who consider themselves women will be registered as women even if they have not made the legal “ transition. ''

On her Twitter, the writer quoted the famous book by George Orwell, 1984. and added a few words of my own.

& quot; War & mdash; this is the world. Freedom & mdash; slavery. Ignorance & mdash; power. The man with spenis who raped you & mdash; woman, '' Rowling wrote.

In the comments under her post, a whole discussion unfolded. Twitter users accused Rowling of transphobia and began writing about the writer justifying hatred. Some commentators have even stated that they will not educate their children on the books of “Who Shows Intolerance.”

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