New bans: Taliban will punish selfies, long hair and white sneakers

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New bans: Taliban will punish selfies, long hair and white sneakers

You can't look stylish either.

New minister Defense of Afghanistan in the government of the & # 171; Taliban & # 187; Mavlavi Yakub ordered the militants not to take selfies. Especially funny, reports with reference to Channel 24.

You can’t also have long hair and white sneakers. In general, you shouldn't wear stylish clothes.

Why did the Taliban have a & # 171; selfie problem & # 187;

Many Taliban, mostly young people, & nbsp; in cities and did not visit various attractions , amusement parks, historical monuments and the like.

  • When the militants captured Kabul, they began to be massively photographed with trophies and during entertainment.
  • This angered the leaders – they say, all this & nbsp; harms the status & # 171; obtained by the blood of martyrs & # 187 ;.

A similar story with white sneakers , long hair or fast driving – the leaders of the & # 171; Taliban & # 187; consider all this to be bad habits borrowed from Western fashion.

Defense Minister Yakub strongly recommended that the militants also refrain from posting photos of attractions on social networks, since & # 171; there is no reason for this & # 187;: & nbsp ; & # 171; They will not help in your life either now or in the future & # 187 ;.

By the way, earlier in the Afghan province of Helmand, the Taliban banned hairdressers from shaving or cutting their beards .

You should know: On September 27, the representative of Afghanistan was supposed to speak at the UN General Assembly. But it never happened

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